About Lyft Business Portal’s ‘Sustainability report’ tab

Learn more about the Lyft Business Portal’s ‘Sustainability report’ tab and how to download reports. 

In this article, we'll cover:

What is Lyft’s ‘Sustainability report’ tab? 

Lyft is committed to making a positive environmental and social impact, and we have made it easier than ever for your company to track your own Environmental, Social, and Governance priorities. 

In the Lyft Business Portal’s ‘Sustainability report’ tab, you can find, filter, and download information about the CO2 emissions associated with your organization’s Lyft Business ridership, including:

  • Total emissions (kgCO2e): View the total volume of carbon emissions emitted by your company across all rides in a given time frame
  • Emissions by fuel type: Track emissions from gas, hybrid, and electric vehicles
  • Emissions by program: Filter by program to understand which of your rideshare programs have the highest emissions


What is included in Lyft’s ‘Sustainability report’ tab?

Key Metrics

In the ‘Key metrics’ section you can track key metrics in real time related to your carbon emissions, including:

  • Total carbon emissions
  • Average carbon emissions per mile
  • Total miles traveled
  • Rides completed

You can select the settings widget on the right side to add or remove those metrics that you don’t want on your report.


Trend charts

In the ‘Trend charts’ section you can view those same metrics visually. You can also select the settings widget on the right side of trend charts to add or remove those you don’t want on your report. 


Sustainability at Lyft

In the ‘Sustainability at Lyft’ section, organizations can access Lyft’s company-wide Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance reporting as well other impact reports and blog posts detailing our commitment to making a positive environmental and social impact.

How to filter your report

If you want to see only specific dates or products, you can filter to customize your report. 

  1. Click ‘Transaction date’ or ‘Product’
  2. Select what you’d like included in your report 
  3. Click ‘Apply’ 

How to download your report

To download a .CSV of your report: 

  1. Click the ‘Download’ button in the upper right-hand corner
  2. You'll see the below pop-up. Click 'Download' 
  3. Your report will then be generated. This may take a few minutes 
  4. Once your report is ready, you’ll see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen. Select the pop-up to open your report


Is reporting up to date in real time?

Yes, reporting is updated in real time.


Why isn’t the dashboard showing any data?

The dashboard will show updated information as soon as your organization takes its first ride.


What admin permissions are required to view and download Lyft’s ‘Sustainability report?’

You will need to be a full access admin to view and download the sustainability report.

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