About Lyft Pass

Learn more about how Lyft Pass allows your organization cover all or a portion of ride costs for your people, while controlling the usage and cost of each program. Creating a new Lyft Pass program directly from the Lyft Business Portal lets you:

  • Set the budget: Determine how much of each ride you’ll cover and the total budget for the program. There is no minimum required to sign up for Lyft Pass
  • Set ride rules: Control where the ride picks up and drops off, what ride type is used, and when it can be used
  • Share with ease: Ensure your people benefit from Lyft Pass by sharing via email, phone number, code, or direct link 
  • Get visibility: Easily monitor usage and spend with reporting

In this article, we’ll cover:

What types of programs can I create with Lyft Pass?

Lyft Pass allows you to customize your transportation programs to who is taking the rides and how they use the pass. Common use cases for Lyft Pass programs include:

  • Commute credits
: rides to or from the office Monday through Friday during commute hours
  • Campus shuttle: 
rides between buildings for employees or students
  • Emergency rides: rides for employees when they need it
  • Customer rides: rides for customers to or from your business
  • Interviews
: rides for job applicants to or from their interview
  • Late night
: ensure employee safety with rides home in the evening
  • Event or conference
: limited-time rides to or from an event venue
  • Create your own
: customize your own ride pass based on your unique use case

How to request access to Lyft Pass 

  1. Log in to the Lyft Business Portal 
  2. Select 'Overview' under 'Lyft Pass' on the home page
  3. Select 'Request access' at the top of the page and fill out the related questions 
  4. Select 'Submit'
  5. Your account will then be in review! You'll be notified within two business days once you're able to start creating programs 

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