Enable required Expense Codes and Expense Notes for business rides

Expense Codes and Expense Notes can introduce more accountability and visibility into your organization’s travel program.

Organizations using Business Profiles can require that Expense Info be included as part of the in-app payment process. If you upload a list of Expense Codes and/or Notes, your employees will be able to search and choose them in the Lyft rider app when they’re using a business profile. How you use the two files is completely up to you.

Follow these steps to turn on mandatory Expense Info:

  1. Log in to the Lyft Business Portal (or at business.lyft.com/login)
  2. Navigate to ‘Business Profiles,’ then click ‘Expense Info’
  3. Toggle 'Require code' to green
  4. Toggle 'Require note' to green
    Expense Codes can be required without Expense Notes and vice versa. Toggle on both, one, or neither if you don't require them to be mandatory. 

This feature will require that employees enter both an Expense Code and an Expense Note (you can think of Expense Notes as a trip's purpose) before they can request a ride using their Business Profile. If the employee requests a personal ride but switches to their Business Profile during the payment process, they will still be prompted to enter their Expense Info before they can complete payment.

Required expense codes are perfect for organizations that need to categorize and/or monitor their usage. Learn how to set up your Expense Info

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