View Auto Pay and business profile transaction reports

The 'Reports' tab under Business Profiles provides you reporting for all rides taken by your employees using their Business Profile.

It's important to understand that there are two different types of reports you can download:

  • Business Profile reports: Employee rides taken using a Business Profile that were not charged to the company card
  • Auto Pay account-specific reports: Employee rides taken using a Business Profile that were charged to the company card, specific to the Auto Pay accounts within your Lyft Business account

By default, the first set of reports you will see whenever you click on the 'Reports' tab is 'Showing for: Business Profiles'. This means you are currently viewing downloadable monthly reports for rides taken under a Business Profile that were not charged to the company card.


To change the report you are currently viewing from Business Profile to Auto Pay group-specific reports:

  1. Click on the 'Showing for: Business Profiles' status
  2. A drop-down box will appear with the names of all Auto Pay accounts under your organization
  3. Choose the specific Auto Pay account you'd like to download monthly reports for

To download an Auto Pay report:

  1. After changing the view to the correct Auto Pay account, find the month you wish to download a report for
  2. Select ‘Download CSV’ and the file will automatically begin to download
Learn more about standard data fields you'll find across all reports for all Lyft Business products.

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