How to create a Business Profile under your organization

When you are invited to create a Lyft Business Profile under a specific organization or employer, you are being given access to Lyft Business benefits that make traveling for business easier.

You'll receive an invitation to your work email inviting you to create a Business Profile under your organization's Lyft Business account.

Follow these simple steps to successfully set up your Business Profile:

  1. Accept your email invitation.
    Check your work email inbox for an email from Lyft inviting you to set up your Lyft Business Profile.


    Didn’t receive your invitation email?
    If you didn’t receive an email but you expected one, please contact your account administrator for help.

  2. You’ll be taken through the Business Profile set up process.
    On the welcome screen, click 'Next.'


  3. Next, we’ll need to locate your Lyft account if you have one.
    Enter your phone number. If you don’t have a Lyft account, add your mobile phone number here.


  4. Next, Lyft will send a code to that phone number.
    Enter the code you received to verify your phone number.


  5. If you don’t have a Lyft account, you’ll be asked to sign up.
    Use your personal email address to create your Lyft account — this will be used as a way to send ride receipts and other communications for your personal rides.

    If you do have a Lyft account, you’ll be asked to specify a default payment method for your Business Profile.
    If you have a credit or debit card you prefer to use for business expenses, you can set that up here.


  6. Click 'Finish' to finish creating your Business Profile.

Now, you can open the Lyft app on your mobile phone to start taking business rides. Don’t have the Lyft app? Download it here for iOS or Android.

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