Get started with Lyft Concierge

Whether you’re moving VIPs, customers, employees, or grandparents, Lyft Concierge makes it a lot easier to help them get around.

Your designated agents can request and manage rides for whoever you need to move — even if the people you’re moving don’t have smartphones. So while your agents aren’t quite super spies, they’re just as helpful.

What’s a Concierge agent?

A Concierge agent is someone who is authorized to send rides on behalf of your organization. Learn more about agent permissions and access.

Get started with these simple steps:

      1. Create a Concierge branch
        After you sign up for a Lyft Business account, log in to the Lyft Business Portal (or at From there, click ‘Concierge’ and then ‘Get Started’


        Here, you’ll create your first Concierge branch. (For partners with Enterprise contracts, the first branch may have been created for you.)
        What are branches?

        A “branch” refers to each subset of agents who use Concierge within a parent organization’s Lyft Business account. An organization may have one or multiple branches, and each branch may have its own agents, billing, and reporting. For example, a family of car dealerships could have a different branch set up for each of its locations.

      2. Customize your branch
        Give it a name, avatar color, and customize your branch options.


      3. Add a payment method 
        Add your preferred payment method that will be charged when you request rides through Concierge.


      4. Add any desired advanced options
        Concierge also offers advanced settings. Click ‘Show more’ to explore all options.

        Ride reports are sent to your administrator email address by default. If you’d like them to be sent to another person on your team, like an accountant or finance manager, you can add their email here.

        You can also optionally require that your agents add an internal note before they can request a ride


      5. Invite agents (or skip)
        If you have team members that will be sending Lyft rides on behalf of your organization, you can invite them to this Concierge branch. There’s no limit to how many agents you can invite. If you have a large team, you can upload a CSV to make this step faster.


        Note: Do NOT add new agents under the ‘People’ tab. This will not add them correctly.
      6. Open Lyft Concierge
        After clicking save, you can begin sending rides. Just click the link in the confirmation banner to open the Concierge tool, and you’re ready to go!


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