Receiving an event code error as a guest

How to troubleshoot

Event codes have certain restrictions for use. Check your error type to see the possible reasons for a failed coupon/event code.

If you were unable to enter your code into your account, it's likely possible that:

  • The code has hit its maximum number of available redemptions
  • The code has expired
  • The code was canceled by the Event creator

If you were able to enter your code into your account but it did not apply to your ride, it's likely possible that:

  • The ride did not start or end within the set geofence (location restrictions set by the event organizer)
  • The code value has been used up
  • The ride did not fall within the approved time window(s)
  • The ride was taken under a business profile
Heads up

Ride credit and coupon/event codes can only be applied to rides taken under a personal profile. Codes will not apply to a ride that is taken under a business profile. 

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