Creating your Business Travel program

With Lyft business profiles, you can provide reliable transportation that simplifies reporting and reduces ground transportation costs. A business profile allows your employees to separate their work rides from personal and access the settings you configure in the Lyft Business portal, including direct billing, ride types and receipt forwarding to your expense management provider.

In this article, well cover: 

What benefits your organization will receive when employees use business profiles?

Easy to share 

Easily share your new Lyft Business Travel program with employees by one of two sharing options available: work / organization email or a general shareable link.

Forward receipts

Save valuable employee time by automatically forwarding Lyft ride receipts for business to their work inbox.

Automate expensing

Lyft partners with popular expense software providers to eliminate manual expense reports for your employees.

Add expense info

Allow employees to select from a list of your expense codes and/or notes, or let them fill it in free form. Learn how to set up Expense Info.

Choose a business card

Allow your team members to select a default payment method for their business rides, or give them access to charge rides directly to your company’s account with Direct Billing. Enable your people to charge business rides to the company account with direct billing

Control ride features

Whether you're creating a new program or editing an existing one, you can select which ride types you’d like your employees to have access to. Allow them request only Standard rides or more luxury ride types such as Lux.

Exclusive features

Get access to new ride modes such as Green rides. In select cities, riders can request an electric or hybrid vehicle the next time they travel for work — lowering the carbon footprint of their trip. There’s nothing to sign up for and no extra work to do. Riders just take a Green ride from their business profile!

How to get started

  1. Log in to the Lyft Business Portal (or at )
  2. Navigate to 'Business Profiles,' then 'Programs'
  3. Select 'Add program' in the upper right hand cornermceclip0.png
  4. Set up your program, adding in an internal name, adding rider-facing communications like organization name, program name, and logos.
  5. Select expense type, if you wish for the rider to pay up front or for the rides to be directly billed to your company
    • If you select direct billing, you will be prompted to add an invoice group. If you haven't yet set up an existing invoice group, learn how here.
  6. Select your ride restrictions
    1. You can control which ride types employees are allowed to request. Check the box for which ride types you would like to allow. Standard and Wait & Save will be default selected
  7. Select an expense management provider for receipt forwarding
  8. Select 'Publish' to save and finalize your program


How do I share my Lyft Business Travel program once I’ve published it? 

To learn how to share your new program, please see this support article for detailed instructions. 


My rider called a ride type that I restricted in our program

If your rider was able to take a ride type that you have previously restricted, please contact our support team for assistance.

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