Invite your employees to set up a business profile

With Lyft Business Profiles, you can provide reliable transportation that simplifies reporting and reduces ground transportation costs. A business profile allows your employees to separate their work rides from personal and access the settings you configure in the Lyft Business portal, including direct billing and receipt forwarding to your expense management provider.

Once their business profile is successfully created, riders can simply tap Personal or Business in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to switch profiles and the corresponding default payment method will apply.


Get started with these steps:

  1. Log in to the Lyft Business Portal (or at )
  2. Navigate to Business Profiles, then Programsimage12.png
  3. Click Add program in the upper right hand corner
  4. Set up your program, adding in an internal name, adding rider-facing communications like organization name, program name, and logos, selecting expense type, and choosing an expense management provider for receipt forwarding
  5. Click Publish to save and finalize your program
  6. Click Add people 
  7. Paste your employee email addresses or upload a CSV list (sample CSV template)
  8. Click Send Invites


    Here is a preview of the email invite that will be sent to your employees. Before sending this invite, let your employees know to expect it in their inbox. Ask your employees to update their version of the app to get the newest experience.

Benefits your organization will receive when employees use business profiles:

Manage multiple programs

Create multiple business travel programs with custom settings for various employee groups. Plus, get program insights with the Insights dashboard.

Streamline expensing

Allow riders to charge rides directly to your organization with direct billing, or set up receipt forwarding for them directly in the Portal. Learn how to set up direct billing.

Add expense info

Allow employees to select from a list of your expense codes and/or notes, or let them fill it in free form. Learn how to set up Expense Info.

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