What are Concierge branches?

A “branch” is how we refer to a subset underneath a parent organization using Concierge. For example, a car company could have many dealerships at various locations, making them “branches.”

Branches each have separate Concierge dashboards, reporting and agents. Companies set up branches when they want each part of the organization to have separate reporting and/or agents per location. Learn how to create branches


You can invite different groups of agents to each of your branches. Those agents will only have access to the branches they’ve been invited to. Each branch has its own Concierge dashboard with its own ride history.


All rides are billed to the parent organization. Concierge currently does not support individual billing per branch.


Reports are automatically sent at the end of each month to each branch administrator. You can specify where these reports are delivered in the ‘Edit Branch’ page in your Lyft Business Portal.

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