Concierge API overview

Build the power of Lyft into your own applications.

Lyft takes care of the affordable transportation so you can focus on what’s important: increasing efficiency and improving your customer experience. Your customers don’t need to log in — or even sign up — with Lyft. 

Lyft Business is the solution for how organizations move the people they care about and make every ride matter. Our simple and reliable ride experience serves 95% of the U.S. population with a driver network of over 700,000 and growing. With Lyft Concierge API, we are opening up our ride network so that organizations can build a whole new class of transportation experiences within their current workflow. Learn more

  • Improve the customer experience
    Lyft Concierge API lets you design the ideal experience for your staff and customers, so you can make transportation seamless.
  • Increase efficiency with an on-demand driver network
    Partners can leverage Lyft's driver network for affordable, reliable and convenient rides.
  • Reduce transportation costs
    With Lyft, only pay for the rides you use. A seamless integration allows your organization to improve on-time performance, streamline operations and improve customer service. The Lyft network provides transparency and control over pricing, ride types, prices, routes, real-time ride statuses and more.

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