Creating an individual business profile

Learn how Lyft Business makes traveling easy for individual passengers who travel for business frequently. You can create an individual business profile — meaning you are not tied to an organization's Lyft Business account — to take advantage of Lyft Business features.

In this article, we'll cover: 

How to set up an individual business profile

  1. Creating your profile
    Visit and create your business profile using your work email.

    If you need to create a business profile under an organization's Lyft Business account, you will receive an email invitation from the organization that you'll use to complete your business profile set up.

    Your business profile will connect to your existing Lyft account. If you do not have an existing Lyft account, you'll be prompted to create one before creating your business profile. You can manage and switch between your personal profile and business profile without having to sign in and out of two separate Lyft accounts.

  2. Add a payment method
    Access your business profile in 'Settings' in your Lyft app. Tap ‘Payment method' and add a credit card or other preferred payment method accepted by Lyft.

  3. Automate expensing
    Go back to your business profile, tap ‘Receipt Forwarding’ and select your preferred expense management system.

  4. Link your work email
    Enter your work email address. If your work email is different from the email address tied to your expense account, use the email address tied to your expense account. All business ride receipts will be automatically sent to the inbox of the email address associated with your business profile.

  5. Take a business ride
    When requesting a ride, tap ‘Personal’ to switch to 'Business’. At the end of the ride, you can enter in an expense note.

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