Creating your organization's Lyft Business account

Creating your organization's Lyft Business account gives you admin-access to the Lyft Business Portal, where you can easily manage your Lyft Business account.

Through the Lyft Business Portal, you have control over how your organization uses Lyft Business. You can invite new employees to join your organization, create a business profile, sign up for Lyft Pass, and more!

In this article, we'll cover:

How to create your Lyft Business account

    1. Go to the and select 'Get Started' then 'Create an organization account' 
    2. Fill out your information and enter your work email address
    3. Select 'Next' and fill out your organization information 
      Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 11.43.42 AM.png
    4. Read and accept the Lyft Business Terms of Service
    5. Select 'Next' and an email will be sent to your work email address letting you know that you can claim your organization's business account and become its administrator. Click 'Complete setup' in the email
    6. Enter your preferred payment method for your Lyft Business account and select 'Add payment method'
    7. You may need to verify your payment method with Lyft. Select ‘Proceed with verification’ and then ‘Send authorizations’ under the 'Payments' tab
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      1. Note that this will only grant access to Concierge and Business Travel. To enable Lyft Pass, request access in the Lyft Business Portal under 'Lyft Pass' and then 'Overview'
    8. Log in to your bank account and find the authorizations sent by Lyft. Enter those two verification amounts and select ‘Verify amounts’
    9. And you’re good to go! Moving forward, you can visit to log in to your organization's Lyft Business Portal. You will only need to enter in your work email address and the verification link will be sent directly to your email


Why do I need to submit a payment method before my account is activated?

By requesting credit card information upfront, Lyft Business is able to better provide a streamlined and clarified experience while helping to ensure that payments are made promptly and securely. Additional credit cards can be added at a later time, and your organization will not be billed until your riders use Lyft.


What happens if I haven’t received the verification amounts yet?

Authorizations may take up to 24 hours to appear on your credit card statement. If you don’t see the amounts posted within 48 hours, please contact your bank.


What happens if my payment verification fails? 

Please click here to submit a request to support. 


Are there monthly fees?

No, there are no monthly fees for using Lyft Business.


Where can I find company TIN number?

You can find your EIN on IRS/tax forms, your business bank account/statements, or your business credit report.

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