Creating your organization's Lyft Business account

Creating your organization's Lyft Business account gives you admin-access to the Lyft Business Portal, where you can easily manage your Lyft Business account.

Through the Lyft Business Portal, you have control over how your organization uses Lyft Business, such as inviting new employees to join your organization and create a Business Profile, inviting employees to become a Concierge coordinator, and much 

In this article, we'll cover:

How to create your Lyft Business account:

    1. Go to the and select 'Get Started'
    2. Fill out your information in the pop-up window and be sure to enter your work email address
    3. Select 'Add organization info'
    4. Fill out your organization information in the pop-up window
    5. Read and accept the Lyft Business Terms of Service
    6. Select 'Create account'
    7. An email will be sent to your work email address letting you know that you can claim your organization's Business Account and become its administrator. Click 'Let's go!' in the email
    8. And you're in! Moving forward, you can visit to log in to your organization's Business Portal. You only need to enter in your work email address and the verification link will be sent directly to your email.


Where can I find company TIN number?

You can find your EIN on IRS/tax forms, your business bank account/statements, or your business credit report.

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