Switch between your business profile and personal profile

You'll need to switch between your Business Profile and your Personal Profile to take advantage of specific Lyft Business features you've been given access to.

The following features require you to request a ride using your Business Profile:

The following features require you to have a Business Profile set up, but request a ride using your Personal Profile:

  • Lyft Credits
  • Lyft Codes

Follow the steps below to switch between your Business Profile and Personal Profile to request a ride:

  1. Open the Lyft mobile app and enter in your drop-off location 
  2. Select the ride mode you'd like to request: Shared, Classic, Lux, Lux Black, Lyft XL, or Lux Black XL
  3. In the bottom lefthand corner, you'll see an indication of which profile you're currently in and payment method that will be applied. You'll see either Business • XXXX, Business • Org Name (if you have access to Auto Pay), Personal • XXXX, or Personal + Credits
  4. Tap your profile and payment method in the bottom lefthand corner
  5. The Payment screen will pop up where you can tap Business or Personal to switch into either profile, indicated by a purple highlight
  6. Tap Done in the upper righthand corner
  7. To confirm you're in the right profile, check the bottom lefthand corner again to make sure it indicates the profile you just switched into — Business or Personal — and the default payment method that will be charged for the ride
  8. If you have credits to use, you can confirm that they will be applied to the ride by making sure the bottom lefthand corner says Personal + Credits and the ride price has a strikethrough with the word FREE above it
  9. Once you've confirmed you're in the correct profile and the correct payment method will be applied, tap Request Lyft and you're all set!


Other actions you can take on the Payment screen:

  • You can change the payment method from the default for your Business Profile or Personal Profile to a different payment method that you have on file, or add a new payment method on the fly, for the ride you're about to request
  • When your Personal Profile is selected (highlighted in purple), you'll see all promos that are currently active and applying to your account. Promos can be Lyft Credits provided to you by your employer or coupon codes that you've entered in

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