Lyft Pass API overview

Provide your customers with Lyft Pass for a flexible transportation alternative, straight from your organization's own tools. 

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What are the benefits of Lyft Pass?

Ridesharing is quickly becoming a more convenient and cost-effective option for organizations to move the people they care about. That’s why we’ve opened up our Lyft Pass API so you can integrate directly with your internal tools. This allows your staff to offer the choice of Lyft Pass for transportation needs.

  • Provide your customers with a convenient transportation option
    Save your customers an extra trip to pick up a rental car and the hassle of dealing with the reservation details. Instead, customers can use Lyft Pass provided by your organization to quickly catch a ride at their convenience. Lyft is available in 95% of the US with average national wait times of three to five minutes.
  • Control your organization’s transportation costs
    When you offer Lyft Pass to your customers, you can specify a dollar amount and expiration date, allowing you to control costs up front. You can track, edit, or cancel a pass at any time. You’ll only get charged for the ride passes that were actually used.
  • Simplify and improve operational efficiency
    You don’t need to train staff on how to use a new third-party tool or software. With Lyft Pass API, your organization can customize how and where your staff provides Lyft Pass directly from the internal tools they already use on a daily basis.
  • Streamline reporting for ground transportation
    Gain insight into the usage and spend of ride credits with a monthly report emailed to you or sent automatically via SFTP. The reports will detail the cost breakdown of completed rides that were paid for using Lyft Pass.

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