Sending rides with Lyft Pass API

Lyft Pass API opens the door for your organization to provide a more cost-effective, convenient, and reliable transportation option for the people your organization cares about.

There’s no need for new tool training or significant workflow changes — you can integrate the capability to send Lyft Pass to people who want to use ridesharing for their transportation needs in the existing tools that your organization uses every day.

With the help of your engineering or developer resources, you can control how and where you’d like to build the integration for your staff to provide Lyft Passes in the user interface of your systems. Below is a step-by-step guide to how the Lyft Pass API works:

Send Lyft Pass 

  1. Your staff determines and sets the details of ride passes including the credit amount, expiration date, and any custom tags (for reporting purposes)
  2. Send the ride passes to the recipient using their email address or phone number
    If the recipient already has a Lyft account, the pass will automatically appear in the Rewards tab of their app, ready to use right away

    If the recipient does not have an existing Lyft account, they will receive an email and/or SMS text asking them to download the Lyft app and create a Lyft account. Once they have the Lyft app, they’ll find their pass waiting for them in the ‘Promos’ tab of their app.

Track and manage the passes usage

  1. Track the status of ride passes within your Business Portal under 'Programs.' Statuses of passes include: live, paused, and expired
  2. Cancel any ride passes when you need to
  3. You’ll also be able to see the remaining balance of each ride pass for anyone
  4. Edit the details of each Lyft Pass as necessary — easily add more credit or extend the expiration date

Get insights into ground transportation

  1. You’ll receive monthly Lyft Pass reports for your organization. The monthly Lyft Pass reports are sent via email or SFTP (if your organization is set up)
  2. The reports will show the cost breakdown of completed rides using Lyft Pass
Please contact your Lyft Business account manager to request access to Lyft’s developer API documentation.

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