Navigating Lyft Concierge

Lyft Concierge is the central place where your organization can send rides to move the people they care about.

Concierge has 4 different tabs that Concierge agents will use to send and manage rides for their passengers.

The History tab

  • Recent rides will appear under the History tab. You’ll be able to track the status of each ride under this tab as the ride moves from 'Requested', to 'Picking up', and all the way through to 'Completed'.

The Upcoming tab

  • When you pre-schedule a ride for a passenger, it will appear in the Upcoming tab.
  • About 5-10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time, Concierge will automatically begin to search for nearby drivers that can arrive on time for the scheduled pickup time.
  • Once a nearby driver is matched with the ride, the scheduled ride will move from the Upcoming tab to the History tab where you can begin tracking its status.

The Issues tab

  • Occasionally, a ride you’ve sent for a passenger will need your attention. When this happens, it will move to the Issues tab in Concierge.
  • Potential reasons a ride will move to the Issues tab are: the driver canceled the ride and/or the passenger didn’t show up at the time of pickup.
  • If a driver has canceled the ride, Concierge will automatically attempt to find another driver 3 times. If another driver could not be found by the third try, the ride will move to the Issues tab.
  • If a ride has moved to the Issues tab, it cannot be completed as requested and you will need to manually request a new ride.

The Search tab

  • You can search for past rides requested in the last 48 hours by entering in the phone number that was used for each specific ride in the search field.
  • The search will display the details of each ride, including the name of the passenger, the ride type, the status of the ride (Completed, Driver Canceled, etc.), the total price, the pickup and drop-off locations, the name of the driver of the ride, and the name of the agent who dispatched the ride.
Now that you know how to navigate through Lyft Concierge, you’re ready to send your first ride!