View status and errors of SFTP People Sync

After you upload your employee roster to People Sync, reference your organization’s audit and error log to check the status of the sync.

Your audit and error log can be found in the /user.logs/ folder in the SFTP directory and keeps you up to date on the following processing statuses of your file:

  • The sync was successful. There were no issues found with your CSV file and your entire file was processed successfully.
  • The sync was partially successful. Some lines were skipped because they contained errors. You can check your audit and error log for more details about the errors.
  • The sync was unsuccessful. Your file contained errors that blocked the sync from being processed successfully.

Your organization's IT contact will be alerted by email if People Sync runs into any issues that prevent a successful sync of your file.

If your CSV file was successfully processed, no further action is needed! You won’t receive an email alert and a record of the successful upload and sync will appear in your log.

What can cause an error?

There are three main causes of errors to your CSV file:

  1. Formatting or input errors when creating or updating your employee roster
  2. Unexpected behavior such as a new CSV file that would cause a large number of employees to be removed from your Lyft Business account
  3. Technical issues relating to Lyft’s internal server

All errors People Sync can detect are associated with unique descriptions to help you identify what the symptoms of the error are. When you receive an email alerting you to an issue with your CSV file, you’ll be directed to visit your log in the /users.log/ to see what error description is that is blocking your CSV file from being processed.


Formatting and input errors

When creating and/or updating your CSV file, any formatting or input errors will cause an unsuccessful processing of your file. Your log will identify specifically what you need to change in order to fix the format or input error. Learn how to properly format your CSV file for People Sync.

Formatting errors may cause a partially successful sync, or a complete unsuccessful sync of your CSV file. Common formatting and input error messages you may see in the log are:

  • Invalid File Format
  • Missing Header(s)
  • Invalid Header(s)
  • File not Found
  • Bad File Extension


Unexpected behavior

If a newly uploaded CSV file will cause a large and unexpected change, such as a large number of employees being removed from your Lyft Business account, we will pause processing your file and ask you to confirm if the unexpected changes were intentional.

If the changes were intentional, please contact us to let us know you would like to move forward with processing.

If the changes were not intentional, you will need to take a look at your CSV file to determine what needs to be fixed.

The common error message you'll see in the log associated with this issue is:

  • High Cancels


Technical issues

There are two types of technical issues that may affect your upload:

A technical issue with Lyft's internal system
In the event that the error is caused by an issue with Lyft’s internal server, People Sync will automatically attempt to process your file again within 24 hours. No action is required to fix your CSV file. The common error message you'll see in the log for issues caused by Lyft's internal server is:

  • Lyft Internal System Error

File unexpectedly encrypted with a PGP key
Lyft's server can detect if your file is encrypted with an unexpected PGP key, as well. The server will not be able to decrypt the file to process and sync it. The common error message you'll see in the log for files unexpectedly encrypted with a PGP key is:

  • PGP Key Error

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