Concierge rider experience

When you request a ride using Lyft Concierge, your rider will receive a series of updates about their ride so they can be ready to go on time.

Riders will receive updates and be able to track their ride through:

After their ride, they'll have a chance to leave feedback:

SMS messages

Riders will receive a series of updates about their ride via SMS. The messages will state your organization's name so the rider will know who requested the ride on their behalf. 

1. Communicating Lyft's health safety commitment and alerting the rider that they have a ride

The first SMS message every rider will receive, regardless of ride type, is a reminder of Lyft's health safety commitment. We are asking all riders to wear a face covering, sanitize their hands, don't sit up front, and open the windows when they can.

By taking the ride, the rider is implicitly agreeing to the health safety commitment.


Next, riders will receive an SMS message alerting them that a ride has been requested on their behalf. Below are samples of the SMS message a rider can receive, based on the ride you requested for them.


Scheduled Flexible
On-demand_1.png SMS_02__iphone_.png SMS_01__iphone_.png 

2. Informing the rider of details about the pickup

When their ride has been matched with a driver, riders will receive further SMS messages with details about their pickup, including the driver's name, vehicle make and model, and license plateIf they have mobile internet access, they can also click a link sent via SMS that opens a ride map which shows the anticipated ETA of the driver. Lastly, they'll receive an SMS when their driver arrives at the pickup location.



3. Alerting the rider if and when the ride is cancelled

Riders will be alerted by SMS message if either you or the driver cancel the ride request. For flexible rides, riders will be notified upon clicking on the order link.

If the rider no longer needs the ride for any reason, they have the option to reply to the text message to initiate a cancellation. Learn more about the rider experience when they initiate the cancellation.


Scheduled Flexible
riderexperience14.png SMS_02__iphone__-_Cancel__1_.png gtm_default__iphone__-_Cancel.png


4. Communicating the opportunity to leave a rating and comments

After the ride is complete, riders will receive one final text with a link to rate their ride (just like in the Lyft app).


Please note the above communications are subject to change. These are current as of August 13, 2020.

A live ride map for tracking the ride

If riders have mobile internet access, they can access a live ride map for tracking their ride by clicking a link sent via SMS with the message, "See where your Lyft ride is at:". The ride map will show the rider that Lyft is looking for a nearby driver, or will show an ETA and the driver's car model and license plate if the ride has already been matched with a driver. Riders can also tap View ride details under the driver details to see the pickup and drop-off locations of their ride.

02_Matching__iphone_.png 03_Warning__iphone_.png04_Arriving__iphone_.png05_Details__iphone_.png

Leaving feedback through ratings and comments

Riders can tap the link in the final SMS they receive after the ride has ended to rate their ride (just like in the Lyft app). The rider will see a list of all of their recent rides and can select which ride they'd like to provide feedback for. If a rider or driver rates someone 3 stars or below, they’ll never be matched with them again for rides sent from that organization through that phone number - and we review all rides with concerning feedback to determine if action should be taken for the rider or driver involved.


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