Creating and editing a scheduled ride with a specific pickup time in Concierge

Learn how you can schedule and edit a ride with a specific pickup time up to 30 days in advance with Lyft Concierge.

In this article, we'll cover:

What is a scheduled ride with a specific pickup time?

You can schedule a ride in Concierge that has a specific pickup time, where the system will automatically start to look for a driver on the date and specific time you scheduled for your rider. You can also see an estimate of the predicted level of driver availability from high, medium and low before you schedule the ride. Riders should be aware that a specific pickup time has been set for their ride so they know when to be outside to meet their driver.

If you and your rider don't know the exact time they'll need to be picked up, you can send them a flexible ride instead.

How to schedule a ride with a specific pickup time

  1. Log in to Concierge and select 'Request'
  2. Enter the rider’s first name, last name, and phone number
    1. If the rider you are requesting a ride for doesn’t have a mobile phone number, include the most suitable point of contact (i.e., your department’s phone number) in the required 'Mobile number' field.

      What is the phone number used for?
      Lyft will notify the rider via text messages to the provided phone number.
  3. Select the riders preferred language
    1. Concierge ride coordinators can now specify the preferred language of the rider when booking a ride. In addition to English, Concierge now supports Spanish, French, and Portuguese. When one of these languages is selected by the Concierge coordinator, the rider will receive all communications about that ride such as the driver’s ETA, a description of the car, and more in the indicated language.
  4. Enter the pickup location and destination for the ride

    If you are requesting a ride to and from a large venue or a location that doesn't have a specific address, you can pinpoint the exact spot at the location that you want the driver to meet the rider at by dragging the map to the spot, right within Concierge!

    Pickup and drop off zones
    If one of your locations is an airport or large venue, there may be options for more specific location details, like an airport terminal number.
  5. If you have specific details you’d like to share with the driver about this ride, write a message by selecting '+ Add a pickup note for the driver.' It will be sent to the driver as soon as they accept the ride
  6. Select 'Ride details' to move on to the next page of the request
  7. Select the 'pickup date' for the scheduled ride in the 'Pickup date' field—this can be up to 30 days in advance
  8. Select the specific time you'd like the rider to be picked up in the 'Pickup time' field
  9. Previously, Concierge only allowed customers to schedule a standard Lyft ride. Now, you may schedule different types of rides such as Lyft XL, Extra Comfort or Lux Black for your riders 
  10. Your company can add an internal memo to this ride for accounting or reconciliation purposes by selecting '+ Include an internal memo.' This memo will never be revealed to the driver or rider
  11. When you’re ready to send the ride, click 'Schedule ride.' The ride will appear in the 'Upcoming' tab, where it sits in the queue until it’s ready to be requested
  12. The rider will receive an SMS text letting them know a future ride has been requested for them on the day and time of the scheduled ride. 


How to edit a scheduled a ride with a specific pickup time

  1. Log in to Concierge and navigate to the ‘Upcoming' tab

  2. Select your scheduled ride and click ‘Edit ride’ in the ride card
  3. Make any changes to the date, time, pickup address, drop-off address or driver notes up to one hour before the scheduled ride time. Once your changes are complete, click ‘Confirm’
  4. Your ride will then be updated and reflect the changes made

The rider experience for scheduled rides

Learn more about the complete rider pickup experience with Concierge rides.

  1. On the day of the scheduled ride, Lyft Concierge will start looking for nearby drivers 30 minutes before the scheduled pickup time
  2. Lyft will start contacting drivers in the area. When a driver that can arrive on time for the scheduled pickup accepts the ride, you’ll see their name, phone number, car make and model, license plate number, plus their estimated time of arrival
  3. Riders will receive a series of SMS texts to the phone number entered that will let them know a ride has been requested, the driver and car details, and will notify them of the driver’s arrival
  4. Once the rider enters the car, the ride will officially start. You can track its status and ETA on the Concierge screen
  5. When the driver drops the rider off, the ride will be marked as 'Completed'
Cancellation Policy

If a coordinator cancels a scheduled ride that has already been matched with a driver, a cancellation fee will be applied. Otherwise, scheduled rides can be canceled without penalty prior to the ride being matched with a driver.

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