Concierge ride fare and cancellation policy

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What is our upfront pricing?

Concierge coordinators in most cities will see upfront pricing when they request a ride for a passenger. Upfront pricing is a close estimate of a ride's total cost and is dynamically calculated based on a variety of factors including:

  • Fees
  • Taxes
  • Tolls
  • Any promotions
  • Current high demand

The upfront price of a ride is quoted to the Concierge coordinators at the time they enter in a destination, and the organization agrees to pay the upfront price shown when they confirm the ride request.

Why does Concierge use upfront pricing?

Lyft Business aims to provide full pricing transparency to our organization partners. Upfront pricing for Concierge ride requests ensures that there are no surprises about the cost of a ride that was completed as exactly requested — the price you see at the time of the request is what you pay for.

Does upfront pricing ever change?

As long as the destination is not changed and/or no stops are added to the ride, the upfront price doesn't change and is the final total the organization will pay at the end of the ride. If the destination changes or a stop is added, the upfront price shown when the ride was first requested may not apply any more. Instead, the ride fare may change based on the rates mentioned above and other applicable taxes, tolls, charges and adjustments. You can learn more about upfront pricing on our blog.

Please note that if Lyft is currently busy at the time you request a ride, prices may be higher than normal due to the high demand. Concierge will display a 'Busy now' message underneath the quoted upfront price box to alert coordinators that demand is high and prices are potentially higher than normal.

How does this apply to Concierge rides?

At the time a Concierge coordinators requests an on-demand or pre-scheduled ride, they will see the upfront price of the ride in a box labeled ‘Price Estimate’ in Concierge. If the upfront price for a ride looks high at the time of request, Lyft might be busier than usual.

When the coordinators confirms a pre-scheduled ride, they are agreeing to pay the upfront price they saw at the time of the request. This may not correspond to the current upfront price they may see on the day the ride is scheduled to take place.

Flexible rides do not currently provide price estimates since the pickup time of the ride is not known in advance. 

What is our cancellation policy?

The standard Lyft cancellation policy applies to on-demand and flexible Concierge rides, while pre-scheduled rides have a different cancellation window.

On-demand and flexible rides

On-demand and flexible Concierge rides are subject to the same cancellation and/or no-show fees as rides ordered through the Lyft app. Read Lyft's cancellation policy for full details about would cause a ride to incur a cancellation or no-show fee.

Pre-scheduled rides

Pre-scheduled rides have a unique cancellation window. Pre-scheduled rides can be canceled without penalty any time prior to 60 minutes before the time of the scheduled ride. If a pre-scheduled ride is canceled within 60 minutes of the pickup window, a cancellation fee will be applied. 

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