Get started with the *new* Lyft Concierge

It’s easier than ever to move your people with a redesigned Lyft Concierge that enhances the same great features for sending, scheduling, and monitoring rides.

*Please note: We are rolling out the new Lyft Concierge in phases and the new Concierge may not currently be available to you just yet.

How do I log in to the new Concierge?

If you use your email for login, there’s no change. Just visit and log in using the same work email address you have always used. There is no change to the login and verification process.

If you use your mobile number for Concierge login, please visit to access the new Concierge.

What’s new?

1. An intuitive, easy-to-use form for sending rides

The ride request form in Concierge is now split into 2 separate steps. To start a ride request, click the 'Request' button in the top left corner of the screen and enter the following details of the ride on the first page of the form:

  • The rider’s first and last name
  • The rider’s mobile number
  • The pick-up address
  • The drop-off address
  • (Optional) Add a pickup note for the driver

The pick-up & drop-off locations will be displayed as pins on the map on the right. You’ll also find the upfront price and estimated distance in the top left corner of the map. 


When you’re done entering in the details, click the purple arrow to move on to the second page of the form. Select from the following 3 options for the ride’s pickup time: NowSchedule, or Flexible

Next, select the ride type: — Lyft, Lyft XL, Lux, etc. The cost is displayed for each ride type so you can select the option that works best for your rider. Shared Lyft is still currently unavailable for Concierge.

You can also include an optional internal note for your organization’s own records by clicking ‘+ Include an internal memo’. This internal memo is just for your team and is never seen by the driver or rider.

Now, you’re all set — click ‘Request ride’ to complete your requested ride!



2. An improved navigation bar to monitor your organization’s rides and find the information you need, faster.

Use the navigation bar to quickly and easily start a new ride request, view current rides, and fix any issues that may come up. The top navigation includes the following 4 tabs to see your rides:

  1. All rides: an overview of all of your branch’s rides and their current status
  2. Active: filtered view of only the rides that are currently in progress
  3. Alerts: all rides that need attention due to an issue, such as an unexpected driver cancellation or rider no-show
  4. Scheduled: all future scheduled & flexible rides

3. New ride cards provide one central view of ride details and quick actions for a ride

When you select a ride from the ride list, a ride card will appear to provide fast access to important information about the ride, including its status and the vehicle/driver information. If you need to see additional details about the ride, just tap ‘Show ride details’ on the ride card to expand it and view all other relevant details.


You’ll also be able to use 4 action buttons directly on the ride card to quickly:

  1. Cancel
  2. Request again
  3. Schedule return
  4. Contact Support

4. Access all your rides without switching pages

You can now see all of your rides in a single ride list instead of being limited to only 15 rides per page. Simply scroll through the list to find the ride you are looking for.

5. Full Tablet and mobile support to access Concierge on the go

Lyft Concierge now works on tablets, so you can request and manage rides no matter where you are. Smartphone support is coming soon!



Is there a change to rider communication or overall experience?

There is no change to the rider experience with the new Concierge. Your riders will receive the same information about their rides via SMS text and as always, Lyft drivers are motivated to ensure riders get to their destinations on time.

How do I search for past rides?

Search is now available at the top of the page for looking up past rides anytime.  As before, you can search for past rides using the complete mobile phone number (including area code) of the rider.

How do I log out of Concierge?

To log out of Concierge, click the arrow icon in the upper righthand corner. You’ll be asked to confirm if you want to log out — click ‘Ok’ to proceed.

What do I do if I can’t log in?

Please ensure you are attempting to log in with the same work email address you have previously used to log in to Concierge. If you are still experiencing log in issues with that email address, please contact us for support.

How can I go back to use the older Concierge?

Sign in to the new Concierge via After signing in to the new Concierge, click on the Profile icon at the top right corner. Within the dropdown options, click on the “Previous version”, to navigate tolegacy Concierge application. All rides that you requested in the new Concierge will appear in the ride history of the older Concierge as well.