Can a rider request an extra stop or change the destination of a Concierge ride?

Concierge rides now have guardrails around destination changes, which means the driver cannot change the drop-off address or add stops to the ride at the rider's request.

Because the initial drop-off address you enter will not change, the upfront price in Concierge at the time you request the ride is usually what you’ll pay (there may be change due to time and distance). You get full pricing transparency for every ride your organization provides through Concierge.

What if I want to allow my passengers the flexibility to change their destination or add a stop?

We recommend requesting separate rides for each destination your passenger would like to go to. You can send a flexible ride for the rider to use to get to the extra stops along their trip, and/or provide a roundtrip by scheduling a return trip to the pickup location right from the ride card in Concierge.

What happens during the ride if a driver tries to change the drop-off address?

Drivers will see specific messaging within the driver app alerting them that the current ride their in is a fixed trip, so stops cannot be added and the drop-off address cannot be changed.

Here is an example of messaging a driver will see when they attempt to change the drop-off address or add a stop:


How does a rider know they are taking a fixed Concierge ride?

When a rider clicks on the ride link that was sent to them via SMS text to see where their Concierge ride is, a pop-up will appear to let them know that they will be in a fixed ride and cannot change the drop-off address, add a stop, or request a round trip. 

This pop-up will appear the first time a rider clicks the link:


How can Concierge agents help inform the rider know that their ride is a fixed trip?

Agents will see a pop-up message reminding them to inform their riders that the ride will be a fixed trip. It is up to the Concierge agent to reach out to the rider ahead of time to let them know to not request a change to the drop-off address, add a stop, or request a roundtrip. 

Here is the message an agent will see in Concierge when they enter in a drop-off address: