Create a custom Lyft Ride Credit program

Lyft Credits Programs allow you to provide custom transportation options for your people to easily get to and from their destination.

At the beginning of every month, credits will automatically replenish themselves in your people’s account, eliminating manual upkeep of your program. Convenient Credits program options include late-night rides, campus shuttles, first and last-mile rides, and daily commute rides.

How can I set up a Credits program for my organization?

Our team wants to make sure your Credits program is designed according to your organization’s needs and use cases. To ensure this, you can schedule a call with our Credits team to discuss the transportation options you’re aiming to provide. Our specialists will help determine which program restrictions and customizations best fit your needs.

To schedule a call with our Credits team:

  • Log in to the Lyft Business Portal
  • Click ‘Credits’
  • Click ‘Programs’
  • Click ‘Schedule a call’, which will open up our team’s calendar
  • If you are exploring Credit programs and still have some questions, select ‘Questions? Schedule 15 Minutes’
  • If you are ready to set up your Credits program, select ‘30 Minute Onboarding’

What restrictions and customizations do you offer for Credit programs?

There are a number of restrictions you can apply to your Credits program. When customizing your program on the phone with our Credits specialists, they’ll help you understand and walk you through which restrictions will best fit your needs.

Below is a list of the restrictions we offer and an example of each:

  • A cap on the dollar amount of monthly Credits
    • $100 of Credits per month
  • A cap on the number of rides and maximum fare of a single ride that Credits will apply to 
    • Credits will cover 50 rides up to $10 per ride
  • Location restrictions (geofences)
    • Pickup and/or drop-off must be within the coverage area. This can be specific address or custom geofencing (shapes) around locations
  •  Ride type restrictions
    • Credits will only apply to standard Lyft
    • Credits will only apply to shared Lyft rides

When you have confirmed the restrictions you want to enforce with our Credits specialist, they’ll enable your custom Credits program on their end.

You can access the details of your brand new Credits program by logging in to the Lyft Business Portal, clicking ‘Credits’ from the left sidebar, and clicking ‘Programs’.

If you ever need to make changes to your Credits program, feel free to email

How do I invite my people to the Credits program?

Once your Credits program has been set up, you’ll be able to invite your people to the program right from the Lyft Business Portal:

  • Click ‘Credits’, then ‘Programs’
  • Click ‘People +’ in the top right corner
  • Enter your people’s email addresses, separated by commas in the ‘Emails’ field. If you are adding a large number of people, you can upload a CSV file with their email addresses to easily bulk-add them in the ‘Import from file’ field. 
  • Click ‘Send Invite’
  • Your people will receive an email invitation to the Credits program to their work email.
    • If they have an existing Lyft account, they’ll have to activate their credits by clicking ‘Activate credits’ from the email
    • If they don’t have an existing Lyft account, they’ll be prompted to create one in order to activate their credits by clicking ‘Activate Account’ from the email
  • Once they have activated their credits, your people will receive an email confirmation. Moving forward, they’ll receive an email every month to let them know when new Credits have arrived in their accounts.

How do my people use Credits for their rides?

It is important to note that Credits will only apply to rides taken under the rider’s Personal Profile. As riders take their Lyft rides, Credits will apply whenever the ride meets the restrictions.  They can view the restrictions of the Credits by tapping the menu icon in the top left corner, tapping ‘Promos’, and looking for the name of your organization’s Credits program.

You'll be able to see the details for the rides taken in the Lyft Business Portal by clicking ‘Credits’, then clicking ‘Rides’.  Because Credits only apply to rides taken under Personal Profile, you won't see the pickup or drop-off locations.

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