Custom fields in the Concierge ride request form and transaction reports

Capture the data that is important to your organization on every Concierge ride using custom fields.

About custom fields

What are Custom fields? 

Lyft Business admins have the ability to create and manage unique data fields that will appear in the Concierge ride request form for Concierge coordinators to fill out. This gives organizations the ability to collect information that is unique and important for reporting and billing on every Concierge ride they provide.  

Please refrain from collecting any highly sensitive information through custom fields, such as dates of birth, patient ID numbers, social security numbers, financial information, or any other personally identifiable information for any and all riders.

How do custom fields work? 

Admins can add custom fields at both the organization level (all Concierge programs will see all custom fields) and at the program level (specific Concierge programs will see specific custom fields), while program admins can only add custom fields for their specific program. Admins can choose the name of the custom field, provide help text to their Concierge coordinators to help them understand what data should be entered into each field, and make the custom field a freeform entry or drop-down selection. 

Once the custom field has been added, it will appear as a field on the ride request form in Concierge for coordinators to complete for every ride request. The data from the fields for every ride will populate in your Concierge transaction reports and you'll be able to see the data in the Rides tab under Concierge in the Lyft Business Portal.

Add custom fields in the Lyft Business Portal 

  1. Log in to the Lyft Business Portal
  2. Click Concierge and click Programs
  3. Click the program you’d like to add custom fields for. You can add custom fields at an organizational level from here if every program under your organization needs to be providing the same information
  4. Click Edit program
  5. Scroll down to Optional Settings and click Customize ride request form. By default, you will see an Internal note field already populated
  6. If you would like to add a custom field at the organizational level, click + Add custom field under All programs. If you would like to add a custom field for the specific programs you’re editing, click Add next to [Program Name] program only
  7. In the pop-up that appears, enter the desired name of your first custom field in the Field name (what coordinators see) box. This is the name title of the field that will appear in the Concierge ride request form.


  8. OPTIONAL: You can check the box next to Include helper text to create a short description of what data should be entered into the custom field. Helper text is limited to 100 characters


  9. In the Column title (you can’t edit this later) box, enter the desired name of the column in your Concierge transaction reports that will correspond with the custom field you’re creating. 
    • The Column title will be a permanent column in your future Concierge transaction reports once the custom field is created
    • The name of your Column title can be identical to the custom field name, or entirely different, based on your reporting needs
    • You are not able to edit the Column title once you have finalized and saved your custom field. This is to preserve any historical ride data on your transaction report
  10. Select the field type: Text box or Dropdown selection
    • The text box field type allows a Concierge coordinator to freehand an entry into the custom field
    • The dropdown selection allows a Concierge coordinator to pick from a pre-populated list of options to choose for the custom field. You can add up to 50 options


  11. Toggle on Require field if you’d like to make the field required to be filled out
  12. Toggle on Show in Concierge to display the field on the ride request form. You’ll only want to toggle this off if you no longer want to use the custom field in the future
  13. Click Add

Repeat the above steps for as many custom fields as you need. You’ll be able to see a preview of how each custom field will display to a coordinator on the right side of the screen as well.

Delete a custom field in the Lyft Business Portal

If you are an admin, you can delete both organizational custom fields and program level custom fields. If you are a program admin, you can only delete the program level custom fields that are specific to your program.

Once a custom field is deleted, it will be removed from the current month's transaction report and any future reports. If you need data from the custom field to populate in the current month's transaction report, we recommend waiting to delete the field until the current month's transaction report has been downloaded and you have the data you need.

To delete a custom field:

  1. Click Concierge and click Programs
  2. Click the program you’d like to add custom fields
  3. Click Edit program
  4. Scroll down to Optional Settings and click Customize ride request form
  5. Find the custom field you'd like to delete and click the trash can icon next to it
  6. Click Delete in the pop-up that appears warning you that the action can't be undone


Best practices for creating and managing custom fields

  • Be mindful of the order of your custom fields — whatever is required and most important to your organization should appear first in the Concierge ride request form. You can drag and drop the order of the fields once they’ve been created.
  • Although you can choose either a text field or a drop-down, we recommend going with a drop-down list to ensure accurate and quality data is being entered. A drop-down list leaves less room for error and your coordinator don’t have to second-guess if they’re entering the right information. As a reminder, there is a max of 50 dropdowns.
  • Remember that your Concierge coordinators will need to scroll through the dropdown options. Try to consolidate your dropdown options as much as possible. We also suggest writing your dropdown options in alphabetical order to be able to easily locate them in the list.
  • If you need to retire a field, toggle “Show in Concierge” off and change the title to “Archive” to indicate it is no longer active. It will no longer display in Concierge, but it will still appear in Lyft Business Portal and historical reporting.


What will custom fields look like in the transaction reports and where will they live?  

Custom fields will be added as new columns at the end of the default columns in your Concierge transaction reports. The column header will be based on the Column title you’ve chosen in the custom field settings.

All organizational custom fields will always appear before program-specific custom fields, and the columns will be ordered from oldest to newest.

Will program custom fields appear on all of my organization’s transaction reports, or just the individual program's transaction report? 

Program level custom fields will only appear on the individual program's transaction report. If a custom field is created at the organizational level, the custom field will appear on all transaction reports.

How many custom fields I can create for my programs? 

You can create up to 15 custom fields for any given program in your organization.

What is the maximum number of custom field dropdown options allowed? 

You can enter a maximum of 50 dropdown options for each dropdown custom field.

What is the character limit for a custom field text box?

There is a 100 character limit for each custom field text box.

Can an admin override/disable custom fields added by a program admin?

Yes. They can make modifications to any custom field for any program. Program admins can only add or modify custom fields that are specific to their own program.

How quickly will changes to custom fields reflect in the Concierge ride request form? 

Any changes you make to the custom fields will appear instantly on the ride request form.

Can I update the name of a custom field after creation?

No, once a field is created the reporting name is permanent and can not be changed. The display name of the field in Concierge can be modified anytime though. Please double check for any spelling errors prior to creation.   

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