Best practices for Concierge airport pickups

Learn how to ensure a seamless airport pickup using Concierge. To learn how to send rides using Concierge in general, click here.  

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Where do I set pickup and drop-off locations? 

It’s important to pay extra attention to the specific pickup location of the ride when requesting rides to and from airports using Concierge. 

Many airports have designated pickup and drop-off locations for rideshare, which include rides requested from Concierge. You can view popular locations here. Making sure the pickup location you set for any airport rides you’re requesting in Concierge will ensure your rider can find their driver successfully.

What are the best practices for sending Concierge rides that have an airport pickup location?

Confirm the terminal and pickup area with your rider ahead of time

Every airport has a different layout with designated pickup areas for rideshare. Always confirm the exact terminal number and designated pickup area that you will be requesting the ride to with your rider ahead of time. They'll always receive an SMS with the details of their ride, but confirming ahead of time ensures your rider will be more prepared to head to the right pickup location.


Ensure you select the correct pickup location in the Concierge ride request form

You will be able to select from a pre-populated list of designated pickup areas in the Concierge ride request form when entering an airport pickup location. Here is where you'll need to be careful to make sure you are choosing the correct pickup location you and your rider agreed upon.

  • When you begin to type the name of an airport in the Pickup address field, select the airport from the drop-down list that appears
  • Two Pickup location fields will appear for you to select the exact terminal and designated pickup area in that terminal — select the correct terminal and designated pickup area using these fields


Send your rider a flexible ride so they're not on a time-crunch

With busy airports and unexpected flight delays, it can take time for riders to arrive to the designated pickup area for rideshare. We recommend sending your riders a flexible ride so they can call their ride when they make it to the pickup area. This will help avoid cancellation fees and ensure the driver doesn't arrive before your rider does.

  • When you send your rider a flexible ride, they'll receive an SMS message with a link that is valid for 24 hours 
  • When they arrive at the designated pickup area, they can click the link to request their ride at their own convenience

Learn how to send a flexible ride.

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