Concierge API partner support

Learn more about Concierge API partner support in this article. 

In this article, we'll cover: 

What are our contact forms? 

We're here to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

There are three contact forms available for customers to submit inquiries through:

Each form helps route submitted inquiries to the correct support team. Below is a list of common issues and instructions on how to reach out for support through our various contact forms for each issue.

How to report lost & found

Report lost items as soon as possible through the general support contact form.

  • In the dropdown field for What can we help you with?*, select I'm using Concierge to request Lyft rides > Find lost item
  • In the Description* field, be sure to include:
    • Date and time of the ride
    • Rider first and last name
    • Rider phone number and email
    • Driver name 
    • Receipt number (found at the bottom of the rider’s emailed receipt)
  • Riders and customers may also call the driver directly within one hour of a ride’s completion. The driver’s phone number will no longer work after an hour.
  • Please note that a $15 fee may be applied for returned items to compensate the driver for their time. 

How to report log in issues

Lyft Business customers experiencing a log-in issue may report it to via the general support contact form.

  • In the dropdown field for What can we help you with?*, select I'm using Concierge to request Lyft rides > Unable to log in
  • In the Description* field, please include any error messages you encountered, or upload a screenshot of the error message in the Attachments field

How to report billing issues

We've set up a separate contact form that routes issues directly to our Billing team. Submit any billing-related issues through the Lyft Business Billing contact form.

  • Be sure to include your invoice number and/or a copy of your invoice in the Description* field

How to report ride cost disputes

Lyft Business customers who would like to dispute a ride’s cost or cancellation fee may request a review via the Concierge support contact form.

  • To help make investigation quicker, please provide the following information:
    • Ride Receipt #
    • Passenger name
    • Passenger phone number (if used to request ride)
    • Driver name
    • Your email address
    • Your phone number
    • Date of ride

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