Create a business profile under your organization if you already have the Lyft app

Setting up your business profile is simple and easy to do, right in the Lyft app you already use.

Since your business profile is attached to your existing personal Lyft account, you won't have to create a secondary Lyft account—just accept your invitation from your work email address, follow the set up flow in 3 steps, and you're ready to start taking business rides where you can auto-expense your business ride receipts.

Please note that the following instructions are for existing users who already have the Lyft app. If you don't already have the Lyft app, please download it now and create an account or follow the instructions here.

How to set up your business profile

  1. Find and accept your email invitation using your mobile device.
    Check your work email inbox for an email from Lyft inviting you to set up your business profile. Click Accept invitation to get started.

    Didn’t receive your invitation email?
    If you didn’t receive an email but you expected one, please contact your Lyft Business administrator for help.

  2. Once you click Accept invitation, your Lyft app will automatically open to begin the set up flow for your business profile.
    Click Next to begin the set up flow.


  3. Select the payment method you would like to assign as the default payment method for business rides.
    Once you've tapped the payment method you'd like to use and there is a purple check mark next to it, click the arrow icon to continue. 

    Please note if you have been granted access to Auto Pay, you will not need to select a payment method and will not see this screen. Auto Pay will automatically be assigned as the default payment method for your business rides.
  4. Select your organization's expense provider to automatically forward business ride receipts.
    Once you've tapped your organization's expense provider and there is a purple check mark next
    to it, click the arrow icon to continue. Learn more about auto-expensing for business riders.

  5. You're all set! You can start taking business rides right away.
    Be sure to switch to your business profile when taking a ride for work. Click Done to exit the set up flow and start using Lyft for your business rides.


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