Lyft Essential Deliveries FAQ for drivers

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About Essential Deliveries

What is the Essential Deliveries program?

Lyft is piloting an initiative called Essential Deliveries as a new way for you to earn during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lyft is working with government agencies, local non-profits, healthcare organizations, and other companies that need delivery services so that drivers can deliver essential items like food, groceries, prescriptions, medical supplies, home necessities, auto parts, and more to community members and essential businesses.

When will Essential Deliveries be available in my market? 

We are piloting this program with a rollout to select regions. You can find more information here. We are actively working to partner with more organizations so we can expand this program to more drivers around the country.

What types of essential items might I be delivering?

Delivery packages can include anything from meals or groceries to medical supplies, prescriptions, essential auto parts, or home necessities. Each package should be less than 50lbs. 

Sign up

Am I guaranteed delivery rides by signing up?

Delivery rides are dependent on demand and availability in your area, so you may not receive a delivery ride request even if you sign up.

Can I sign up to only receive delivery rides?

Not at this time. If you’ve signed up for Essential Deliveries and the program is available in your region, delivery rides may be added to your queue in addition to normal passenger rides. 

How can I opt out of the delivery program? 

If you’re no longer interested in participating in Essential Deliveries, please contact support via the Lyft Driver App by selecting Help > Other Topics > Deliveries > Contact Us

Delivery rides

How do I know if a ride is a delivery?

To determine if you’ve received a delivery ride request, look for Delivery above the Accept button. If the ride request doesn’t say Delivery but someone has requested you to deliver an item, you’re not obligated to complete this ride because it is not a part of Essential Deliveries.

Can I choose to receive ride requests for specific types of orders?

No, there is no way to request specific types of orders at this time. All delivery rides are matched with a nearby driver and will appear the same in your app. You may be able to identify the type of order based on the pickup location.

Will there be multiple orders per ride?

You may receive a delivery ride request with multiple orders and stops. The maximum number of stops is 15 per request. You will need to confirm that you picked up each order

Will I be paid extra for delivery rides? 

You will be paid based on your current Lyft Standard rate card. 

Will I receive a tip on these rides?  

Organizations are currently unable to provide a tip at this time.

Why haven’t I received a delivery ride yet? 

Ride requests for Essential Deliveries depend on delivery availability and requests in your area, so you may not receive them immediately and they are not guaranteed. 

Pickup and drop-off

How do I find the package for the delivery?

Once you’ve arrived at the pickup location, tap View orders and look under the Instructions section for more details. If you need further assistance, you can also contact the organization by clicking the phone icon, located next to the address. 

Will I need to take a photo of the package at drop-off?

Yes. You must take a photo of the package at drop-off in order to complete the delivery. Organizations require pictures as proof that their package was safely delivered, unopened and undamaged. Please take a photo that can help the recipient identify exactly where the package was left at the drop-off location. You’ll need to give the Lyft app access to your camera from your phone’s settings. 

What do I do if I can't deliver a prescription order?

First, try contacting the organization that requested the delivery ride, or refer to the pickup or drop-off instructions, to see if there may be any further information to help you deliver the order successfully. If you can't deliver a prescription order successfully, please return the prescription to the pickup location.


What happens if I have an issue during a delivery ride?

For issues with pickup:

In the Driver app, tap View orders and check under the Instructions section for additional details about the pickup. If you still have trouble locating the package, then try contacting the organization by clicking the phone icon next to the address. If you’re unable to find the package, click the red triangle in the top right corner of the app (see image below) and select Can’t find pickup place. Upon selecting, the ride will be cancelled. 

For issues with drop-off:

If you are unable to deliver the package or the customer refuses the delivery, please click the red triangle in the top right corner of the app. Please select an issue related to why you’re unable to drop off the package. The package will then be added to the end of your delivery route and you will need to return it to the original pickup location in order to complete the ride. 

For any other issues:

If you need further assistance, please contact support through the Lyft Driver App by selecting Help > Other Topics > Deliveries > Contact Us.

Insurance and guidelines

What is the insurance coverage for delivery rides?

Please visit this Insurance article for more information about insurance coverage for Essential Deliveries.

Are there any local guidelines in my area regarding deliveries that I need to follow?

As local guidelines become available and required, we will update this section with links to resources for drivers about those guidelines.

Current required local guidelines for package deliveries:

How do I make sure I’m not delivering anything illegal? 

We are only working with organizations to deliver approved items that do not include anything illegal, including firearms, etc. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable delivering a package, you can cancel the ride by clicking the red triangle in the top right corner.

What if I’m uncomfortable delivering a package?

If you’re uncomfortable accepting or delivering a package, you can cancel the ride and return the package to the original pickup location. Please DO NOT take the package with you. 

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