Deliver essential items with Lyft Essential Deliveries

Lyft is enabling organizations to deliver essential items to their community with Lyft. 

Select non-profit, healthcare, transit, and government organizations can partner with Lyft to:

  • Support your community with deliveries: Deliver food, test kits, and medical supplies to organizations and people. Please note that Lyft cannot deliver pharmaceuticals or items over 50 pounds at this time.
  • Ensure contactless delivery: Lyft drivers who opt into delivery rides are made aware that these are contactless deliveries.
  • Improve your delivery efficiency and volume: Request on-demand delivery rides in minutes

Set up your organization to send Lyft delivery rides in Concierge

Concierge is your place to send, schedule, and manage Lyft rides. You can access Concierge via a desktop, tablet, or mobile browser. First make sure your organization is properly set up with Concierge by following the steps below. Then, we’ll walk you through how to send an actual Lyft delivery ride in Concierge in the next section.

You must have already signed an agreement with Lyft to send delivery rides in Concierge. If you have not yet signed an agreement and would like to be eligible to send delivery rides, please contact us. 
  1. Log in to the Lyft Business Portal 
  2. Click Concierge, then click Programs
  3. You will see a delivery programs already created for you named Delivery [your organization’s name]. Click on that program
    • If you do not see any programs named Delivery [your organization’s name], please contact us
  4. Click Edit Program 
  5. Select an avatar for easy identification of the delivery program and select a payment method that all rides will be charged to
  6. Scroll down to Optional settings, click on Reporting, and choose a specific reporting cadence: monthly, weekly, or daily. Then enter in an optional email recipient if your organization would like to receive individual ride receipts by email
  7. You can also require an internal note for all ride requests by clicking on Customize ride request form, click the pencil icon to edit the Internal note field, and toggle Required field on
  8. Click Save and continue 
  9. Next, you have the option to invite your people. If you have a team of people who will be sending Lyft delivery rides, this is where you’ll want to add them to grant them access to Concierge. If you will be the only one sending Lyft delivery rides, you can click Skip this step and move on to step 11
  10. Invite your people by uploading a CSV file or adding their individual email addresses separated by a comma and a space. The CSV file should be one column containing just their email addresses with no headers
  11. Once your people have been invited, you’re ready to start sending Lyft delivery rides in Concierge

Send a Lyft delivery ride in Concierge

Once you are properly set up with Concierge and your people have been invited, you and your people can open Concierge and start sending Lyft delivery rides.

  1. Navigate to, enter in your email address and click Next
  2. Check your email inbox for a verification email from Lyft with the subject line Log in to Concierge. Open the email and click the button that says Log in to Concierge to be automatically redirected and logged in to Concierge
    • Didn't get the verification email? Check your spam folder or contact your account administrator
  3. Click New request
  4. Enter the name of your organization or your building location name in the Delivery pickup location name. The name entered here will display on the driver’s Accept screen
  5. Identify a person who will answer questions for the driver at pickup and enter that person’s phone number in the Contact number to assist driver field. Use a mobile phone number when possible to help ensure successful communication with the driver. The delivery point of contact will receive a text message and ride map with all of the information. If they only have a landline, they’ll receive a call with all your ride details. 
  6. Enter the pickup address in the Pickup address field
  7. Enter the drop-off address for the delivery in the Drop-off address field
  8. In the Include specific instructions for the driver box you can add relevant, helpful information for the driver about the pickup or drop-off in 100 characters. Examples of important information include specific directions such as “Go to side door”, or gate codes such as “Use gate code 2030”
  9. Click Ride details when you’re finished entering the pickup and drop-off information
  10. Select On-demand to send the ride immediately. You’ll see the price for the ride up-front.
    Please note that nearby drivers on the map and the estimated pickup times do not reflect our delivery ETAs. You will see the estimated pickup time once a driver accepts your delivery ride.
  11. Click Request delivery when you’re ready to send the delivery ride

Prepare and place the package in the designated pickup area

Below are guidelines we are asking all organizations to follow for safe and proper packaging of items.

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before packaging the items and placing the package at the designated pickup area. 
    • If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Employees may not contact exposed, ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands.
  2. Label the package for easy identification. Deliveries are intended to be contactless, so please leave the package in an open area and clearly label it. If you are leaving multiple packages, you can use a different 3-digit code on each label, then include the code of the package in the Include specific instructions for the driver box for the driver.
  3. Leave the package at the designated pickup area. If you think the driver may have difficulty finding the package, call your driver’s number from your SMS text message or find it in Concierge to provide them with directions on how to find it
  4. By the time the driver arrives, you should be inside to ensure contactless delivery. If that’s not possible, you must maintain at least 6 feet from the driver when they’re picking up packages.  
  5. If the driver can’t complete the trip, they will call the number that was entered for the ride. If they are unable to reach you or the person or the point-of-contact person, they will return the item back to the original pickup location.

Track the real-time status of your Lyft delivery rides 

The Active rides tab shows all your rides in progress so you can be sure your packages are getting where they need to go.

You can also track your ride and call your driver from your text messages, which links out to a ride map. 


Q: Can I request multiple stops on one ride if I have multiple packages that need to be delivered?

At this time, you can only specify one drop-off destination for the package to be delivered at. If you have multiple packages, please request separate rides for each package.

Q: What is the driver experience?

Existing drivers will opt-in to delivery requests. They will receive a typical ride request but noted as “Delivery”. They will see your pickup or drop off instructions via the driver notes sent right to their app. Lyft drivers who opt into delivery rides are made aware that these are contactless deliveries.

Q: What happens if a driver can’t complete the trip?

Drivers will call the number that was entered in Concierge. If they are unable to reach the organization, they will return it back to the original pickup location.

Q: The driver picked up the wrong package from the designated pickup location. What should I do?

In the event that the driver mistakenly picks up the wrong package, we recommend calling the driver to alert them and instruct them to come back to the original location. You’ll then need to cancel the ride and request a new one.  


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