Troubleshooting link errors in admin email invitations

If there is a technical issue that occurs when clicking the link to accept your invitation to become a Lyft Business admin, you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • "Something went wrong. Sorry, this link was already used."
  • "Something went wrong. Sorry, this invite link is not valid."

Sorry, this link was already used.

This means that the invitation link has already been clicked and accepted by someone. In this case, please contact the primary admin who invited you to resend you a new invite

Once you receive your new invitation email, click the invite link as soon as possible to accept your invite. You'll be taken through a flow to create your business profile and will then be able to access the Lyft Business Portal.

Sorry, this invite link is not valid.

This means the link is invalid due to a technical issue. To still become a Lyft Business admin and accept your invite, you can manually create your business profile instead.

  1. Visit, enter your work email address, and click Get started 
  2. You'll be prompted to enter in your phone number—this is how our system verifies if you already have an existing Lyft account to tie your business profile to or if you are brand new to Lyft and need to create a personal Lyft account as well
    • If you have an existing Lyft account, your account and current payment information will display on the next screen
    • If you are new to Lyft, finish the business profile creation flow and you'll be prompted to download the Lyft app and create an account at the end
  3. Specify a default payment method for your business profile from your current payment methods on file, or by adding a brand new one
  4. Select your organization's expense provider for automatic forwarding of business ride receipts

Now, attempt to log in to the Lyft Business Portal at

  1. Enter the phone number tied to your Lyft account, click the box next to Keep me signed in, and click Next
  2. Enter the verification code that was sent via SMS to your phone number
  3. You'll be asked to verify that the correct account is being used for login
    • Click Yes, it's me if your account has been pulled up successfully
    • Click No, not me if you don't recognize the account that has been pulled up. This will prompt you to sign up for a new Lyft account. If you know you already have an existing Lyft account, please check that you've entered the correct phone number tied to your account
  4. Enter the email address that is tied to your Lyft account and click Next—this may be your personal email address that you entered upon sign up, or your work email address if you used your work email address for both your personal Lyft account and your business profile

You should be automatically redirected to your organization's Lyft Business Portal. This confirms that you're all set up and you have admin access.



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