Accepting Lyft’s health safety commitment in Concierge

Concierge coordinators have an important role to play as part of Lyft’s health safety commitment. Starting June 1, 2020, before sending rides, coordinators will be asked to confirm that they will communicate Lyft’s health safety commitment and the new safety measures we’re putting in place to riders.  


What is Lyft’s Health Safety Program?

Learn more in the full blog post about the program. Lyft’s Health Safety Program is comprised of:

  1. The health safety commitment, which includes asking riders and drivers to self-certify that they won’t ride or drive if they have COVID-19, think they have it, or have related symptoms, and a commitment that all riders and drivers will wear face coverings and commit to other recommended safety protocols 
  2. Health safety education for drivers and riders
  3. Distribution of cleaning supplies and masks for drivers

Accepting Lyft’s healthy safety commitment

When you log in to Concierge starting June 1, 2020, a pop-up box will appear outlining the health safety commitment we are asking coordinators to accept. Specifically, we are asking you to confirm that you will tell riders:

  • Don’t take a ride if they have COVID-19, think they have it, or have related symptoms
  • Wear a face covering when in a ride 
  • Keep the car clean, and sanitize their hands frequently
  • Leave the front passenger seat empty
  • Keep windows open whenever possible

Please review the list above and check the boxes next to each item to confirm that you will communicate the guidelines to your rider.


After checking all of the boxes, click I accept. You’ll be automatically redirected to the ride request form and can send a ride as usual. A yellow banner that includes a link to the CDC guidelines for rideshare will remain at the top of the form to remind you to communicate Lyft’s Health Safety Commitment to riders.


Is Lyft Business communicating the guidelines of the healthy safety commitment to Concierge riders? If so, how?

Yes, we are communicating the guidelines of the healthy safety commitment by sending riders an SMS text outlining the Commitment’s requirements and giving them a chance to cancel if they don’t comply.

What safety guidelines do drivers have to follow under Lyft’s Health Safety Program?

Drivers must take the same steps to commit to health safety. To drive with Lyft, they have to agree to follow CDC guidelines and local regulations: 

  • Don’t drive if you have COVID-19, think you have it, or have related symptoms
  • Wear a face covering 
  • Keep your car clean, and sanitize your hands frequently
  • Leave the front seat empty
  • Open windows and avoid recirculated air when possible

My rider refuses to follow the guidelines but needs a ride. What do I do?

Riders who do not agree to Lyft’s health safety commitment are not able to ride with Lyft. 

My rider reported that their driver did not follow the guidelines of the Health Safety Program. What should I do?

Contact support and select “Health Safety Issue.” 

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