Logging in to the Lyft Business Portal

Lyft Business admins can log in to the Lyft Business Portal to manage their people, permissions, and products. 

Requirements for logging in to the portal

To log in to the portal, you must have:

  • A personal Lyft account
  • A business profile created under organization’s Lyft Business account
  • Admin permissions for the organization’s Lyft Business account

How to log in to the portal

  • Navigate to www.lyftbusiness.com and click Log in in the top right corner
  • Enter the phone number associated with your personal Lyft account and click Next
  • You’ll be asked to verify your phone number by entering the six-digit code that you'll receive by SMS text
  • You'll see the message Is that you, ____? Confirm your account by clicking Yes, it’s me
  • Enter the primary email address associated with your personal Lyft account—this will be the email you used to sign up for your personal Lyft account. Then, click Next
  • You’ll automatically be redirected to your organization’s Lyft Business Portal


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