Requesting a flexible ride that has been sent to you

Learn more about how an organization can send you a flexible ride, where you can click a link sent via text message to request your Lyft ride when it’s convenient for you in this article.  

In this article, we'll cover: 

Check the parameters of your flexible ride

Flexible rides can be sent and used on the same day, or they can be scheduled in advance. They can also have a 24-hour expiration. Simply click the ride link at any time during the valid time window to request your ride.

You’ll receive an SMS text when a flexible ride has been requested for you that lists out the specific parameters of your ride—date and time window that your ride must be requested by—so you’ll know when your flexible ride link is valid. 


In the above example, a flexible ride has been scheduled where the link is valid between a 24-hour window on a future date, beginning on April 8th 9:45 AM and April 9th 9:45 AM

Take roundtrips with a flexible ride

Flexible rides make it especially easy for organizations to provide you with a roundtrip ride. Many organizations will send a flexible ride as a return ride, so you can easily request your return ride when you’re ready. 


In the above example, a ride has been scheduled at 9:30 AM on April 8. A flexible ride has also been scheduled for April 8 to use as a return ride, where the link is valid between a one-hour window between 9:40 AM and 10:45 AM.

Preview and track rides that have been requested for you

When you click the preview link from your text message, the default browser on your mobile device will open up a web page that lists all rides requested for you, as well as the following details of your ride(s):

  • Date of your rides and the time that they are valid for
    • If there is no end time listed, the ride is a pre-scheduled ride for a specific time
    • If there is an end time listed, the ride is a flexible ride
  • Pickup and drop-off locations of your rides
  • A 'Preview' button that allows you to view more specific details about each ride


Previewing specific details about each ride

To preview the specific details of each of your rides:

  • Click the 'Preview' button underneath the ride. You’ll be redirected to a 'Review details' page


Request your flexible ride

On the date and time that your flexible ride becomes available, you’ll see a 'Review & request' button under your flexible ride.

  • Click 'Review & request'
  • You’ll have one final chance to review the details of your ride, including the latest time you can request the ride and the pickup and drop-off locations
  • Once you’re ready to ride, click 'Request now' and you’ll be matched with a nearby driver


You’ll receive two text messages with details once a driver accepts the ride, including the driver’s name, car make and model, and license plate number and a link to track your ride on a map as the driver is on their way to pick you up.

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