Concierge in-app

Concierge in-app is an enhanced experience with streamlined support for your riders. This is an additional feature provided for the convenience of Concierge riders who already have the Lyft app.

In this article, we'll cover: 

What are the benefits for your organization?

    • Lower costs by reducing no-shows and cancellations
      Drivers will have more information about riders, including their photo, rating, and exact pickup location, which will decrease driver cancellations and no-shows. When riders cancel via the app, the app captures the reason, giving organizations better insight into the ‘why’ behind cancellations.
    • Boost rider satisfaction with streamlined support Common support issues such as lost and found items can be reported directly to Lyft support via the app, resulting in quicker responses for the rider and decreased ticket volume for organizations. There are also more language support options in the Lyft app.
    • Have peace of mind knowing your riders have access to built-in safety features Riders have access to in-app safety tools that enable them to  share ride details with friends and family, alert 911 silently with ADT Emergency Assistance, and more.
    • Reduce fraud and excess mileage Additional fraud monitoring tools, such as being able to track when the rider is in and out of the vehicle, will prevent drivers from continuing to drive and accumulate excess mileage.
Concierge in-app is a voluntary, opt-in experience for riders who already have the Lyft app. Riders who do not have or do not want to use the app will still be able to utilize the current Concierge experience with SMS messages and web browser if they choose to.

How does it work?

From an Admin or Coordinator's’s perspective, the process of requesting rides through Concierge will remain the same. You can review how to request a Concierge ride here

From a Concierge rider’s perspective, riders who already have the Lyft app on their phones can now track their Concierge rides in the app, accessing advanced features that can improve the rider experience. 

Below are the many ways the rider experience will be enhanced with Concierge in-app, from ride request to dropoff—and beyond. 


What happens before the ride?

Once you’ve requested or scheduled a ride via Concierge using the rider's exact phone number, the rider will receive a push notification informing them that a ride has been requested by your organization. This is in addition to the SMS message a rider typically receives. (Please note that riders must have push notifications from Lyft enabled in their phone settings.)


By tapping the push notification, the rider will be redirected to the Lyft app and have the ability to adjust the pickup location within 120 meters of the originally requested pickup location. (Please note that the rider must be opted-in to location sharing on the Lyft app.)


If the rider has opted-in to location sharing on their Lyft app, the driver can see their location. The rider can also see their own location relative to the pickup point on the map, making it easier to find their driver.

Once in the app, the rider also has the ability to cancel the ride, as well as indicate the reason they have cancelled. 

Screenshot_2020-12-01_at_11.57.29_AM.png        Screenshot_2020-12-01_at_11.58.33_AM.png

If the rider needs to communicate with the driver while waiting to be picked up, they can do so via the app’s messaging interface. They also have the option to call the driver by simply tapping the phone icon in the upper right hand corner of the page.




What happens during the ride?

While in the Lyft app, the rider can share the location of both themselves and their vehicle with a trusted contact. 


The rider also has the ability to call 911 straight from the Lyft app with access to both their own location as well as the location of the driver. If the rider needs to call for help in a more covert manner, they can silently escalate to ADT for help, who will call emergency services on their behalf.

Screenshot_2020-12-01_at_12.05.27_PM.png        ADT_Select_Call.png

If Lyft’s system detects that the ride has diverted from the originally requested route or is functioning in a suspicious manner, Lyft’s safety associates will proactively check-in on the rider to ensure that everything is okay.


During the ride, the rider will receive a pop-up requesting in-ride feedback, so that we can proactively ensure their satisfaction with the ride, as well as rides they may take in the future. 


What happens after the ride? 

If the rider has an issue with their ride, they can access assistance immediately through the app via the Help page. Should the rider need to reference details of their most recent or previous Concierge rides, The rider can access their Concierge ride history via the Ride history page of the app.

Screenshot_2020-12-01_at_12.11.18_PM.png        Ride_History__all.png





How do I know if my rider has the Lyft app? Do I need to teach them how to use it?

You do not need to know if the rider has the Lyft app, nor will you need to instruct them on how to use it. Riders who are eligible for the in-app experience (those who already have the app on their phone) will be guided through the experience via the text message and/or push notification they receive after their ride has been requested via Concierge. To summarize: You will request the ride through Concierge as usual, and the Lyft app will do the rest! 


I typically use one phone number to request all ridesit tends to be faster and I don’t have to hassle the rider. Do I really have to use the rider’s exact phone number?

Yes, a rider can only utilize Concierge in-app if you use their exact phone number. The rider’s personal phone number is what connects the Concierge ride to the Lyft app on their phone. 


Can the rider change the destination of the ride?

Riders will not have the ability to modify the destination of their ride.


Will the rider be able to see the cost of the ride in the app?

The price of the ride will not be visible to riders. Also, riders will not have the option to tip.


Many of my riders only speak Spanish. Will the Concierge in-app experience still be convenient for them?

Ride details will be translated into the language setting of the rider’s smartphone, including Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Using Concierge in-app should be no different than how the rider typically interacts with their phone, language-wise. 

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