Workday People Sync with Lyft Business via SFTP

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure your Workday environment to automate employee on/off-boarding by sending your Workday employee roster to Lyft Business People Sync via SFTP. 

In this article, we'll cover: 

How to generate your SSH key

In order to send your employee roster file to Lyft’s SFTP, Workday will need secure SSH authentication. The steps below explain how to generate the SSH key for Workday and how to upload the SSH key to Lyft’s portal.

  1. Login to your Workday tenant
  2. Search for and click the task 'Create x509 Private Key Pair'


  3. Give the key pair a name that is easy to search later, enter description if needed, and click 'OK'


  4. Workday will generate two keys (as shown in the screenshot below): a 'Public Key' and a 'RSA-SSH Formatted Key.' Copy the 'RSA-SSH Formatted Key.'


  5. Create a file on your local computer in a text editor with the copied 'RSA-SSH' formatted key and name it Then run ssh-keygen -i -f to generate a SSH key that uses the OpenSSH format and is more secure. That command will output a new SSH key that you can use for connecting to Lyft Business
  6. Open the Lyft Business Portal and click through 'Settings' > 'Automation' > 'SFTP,' which will take you to the SFTP sync setup page. Paste the OpenSSH Format Key you generated in the previous step and click 'Submit.' After submitting, you may need to wait about an hour for the SFTP connection to establish


How to create a Custom Report in Workday

  1. In your Workday tenant, search and click the task 'Create Custom Report'
  2. Enter the report details as shown in the screenshot below, then click 'OK'


  3. On the next page:
  4. Click the 'OK' to save the report. You can test your report data by clicking the 'Run' button. If you would like to edit the report later, search and click 'Edit Custom Report,' then click 'edit' under 'Actions.' 

How to create an EIB

This step will enable you to send your report to SFTP on a chosen schedule. 

  1. In your Workday tenant, search and click 'Create EIB'
  2. Fill out 'Name' field and select 'Outbound'


  3. On the next page, click 'Get Data' on the left side menu. in the 'Custom Report' field enter the report you created in Step 1, then click 'Next'


  4. Click 'Transform' on the left side menu, and in the 'Transformation Type' field, select 'None'


  5. Click 'Deliver' on the left side menu, fill in the following, then click 'Next'
    • In the 'Delivery Method' field, choose 'SFTP'
    • Under 'SFTP Address,' enter the SFTP address provided by Lyft Business
    • Under 'Directory,' enter “/users”
    • Under 'Authentication Method,' choose 'SSH.'
    • For 'User ID,' enter your organization’s ID.


  6. After reviewing the 'Summary' page, click 'OK'
  7. On the EIB Integration screen, click the 'Actions' button located in the header. On the dropdown menu, select 'Integration' and then 'Launch' to send the file to the SFTP address configured in the EIB.

  8. Turn on People sync and launch to the whole company by contacting your Program Specialist.
    Make sure to test run the roster file before launching to the whole company. We recommend doing a test run of the process from end-to-end with just a few employees before running SFTP People Sync for your entire organization.

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