Lyft Business Rentals

Give your people more travel flexibility with our reimagined car rental experience. Lyft Rentals lets employees reserve a car from their Lyft app so they can travel for work (or play) at exclusive corporate rates.

In this article, we'll cover:

What are the benefits of Business Rentals? 

When you or your employees rent with us, you'll get:

    • Discounted pricing, no matter where you rent: Corporate rental rates are up to 40% lower than competitors' average standard rates for all business travel (liability coverage and Cover the Car included)
    • Corporate rental perks for personal trips: In addition to exclusive business travel benefits, your employees have access to the same discounted corporate rates and free Cover the Car for all personal trips, too
    • $10 in Lyft credit with every rental: A $10 Lyft credit will be added to your employee's personal account every time they rent with us. They can use it to run errands, trips to the grocery store, or wherever else they'd like 
    • The rental experience your team deserves: Employees have access to expedited pickup and their choice of rental car
    • A clean and sanitary rental: All of our rental cars are professionally cleaned and disinfected before your employees grab their keys
    • Easy pickup: We have airport locations at most major airports in the US

How does it work? 

Access to business rentals is automatic for eligible business profile users. Just create and verify a business profile, and we'll offer exclusive, discounted rates and perks within the Lyft app.




What is Lyft Rentals offering to business clients?

Lyft is introducing our Rentals product to corporate customers. This means that employees can book rental cars directly from the Lyft app and receive the great Lyft Rentals experience with competitive corporate pricing unavailable to non-business customers.

Our corporate rentals offers a quality transportation solution for businesses looking to provide simple and safe transportation for their employees to move to, from, and within cities.

Lyft Rentals operates our own fleet of cars in San Francisco and LA, and is partnered with SIXT to provide cars at over 65 locations in the US. 

When renting a car with Lyft, business customers will get:

  • Streamlined booking experience through the Lyft app
  • $10 in Lyft credit for personal use with each rental
  • Competitive, discounted prices with insurance included
  • Business customers receive the same discounted rate and Cover the Car for personal trips
  • Access to expedited pickup
  • Ability to choose the exact vehicle you want in app*
  • The highest-rated rentals experience (87% of users give it a 5 star rating)*

*Exclusive to personal Lyft Rentals


How can Lyft Business customers access these benefits?

Our business and employee benefit rates will be available automatically to business profile users associated with our customers within the app. No contracting is necessary. They just need to navigate to the bottom right-hand corner of the app that says "Rentals". If eligible, they will automatically receive exclusive business profile rates. If you are an organization that is interested in this feature for your employees, let us know here!


Is there a rentals platform/dashboard for admins?

Not currently. We are working on launching this feature in the near future. Contact your Sales Account Manager if you have adhoc reporting needs. 


How will my employees pay for a rental?

Upon picking up their rental, employees will pay with a credit or debit card. Autopay and other centralized billing methods are not available at this time, but we intend to enable these options later this year.


How will employees expense a rental?

We will provide email rental receipts for them to submit expense reimbursements. Ride history, receipt forwarding and expense platform integrations will be added soon. 


Can I block my employees from accessing this feature?

We are unable to block employees from receiving this offer at this time.



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