Replace payment cards for your Lyft Business account

Learn how to replace multiple payment methods for your Concierge programs and Auto Pay accounts - all within the Lyft Business Portal.

Replace your primary payment card 

Your organization will need to have at least one primary payment method saved in the Lyft Business Portal at all times. If there is only one credit card saved, you will only be able to replace it rather than delete it.

If for any reason you need to delete the primary payment method on your account instead of replacing it with a new payment method, please contact us.

Replace a payment method

  1. Log in to the Lyft Business Portal
  2. Click 'Settings' from the left-hand sidebar
  3. Click 'Payment'
  4. Select the card you want to replace
  5. Click 'Edit Card'
  6. Enter in the new credit card information
  7. Click 'Save'

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