Billing options for Lyft Pass

Lyft Pass offers two billing options: Automatic monthly accrued charges and Monthly invoicing (also known as Offline billing).

Automatic monthly accrued billing

Automatic monthly accrued billing is supported for Lyft Pass

This billing method means that rides will be charged to the specific Lyft Pass program's assigned credit card on a monthly basis. A single transaction for the total cost of all rides in the month will appear on the credit card statement.

Your organization's Lyft Pass programs can have a different credit card assigned to each, or one central credit card as the primary payment method for all.

Set up offline billing

Offline billing (also known as "Monthly invoicing") is supported for Lyft Pass and Concierge, and direct billing accounts Please note that we typically require a minimum monthly spend of $3,000 per month for this option.

With offline billing, the total accrued cost of each month's rides are invoiced at the start of the following month. Offline billing cannot be selected for individual Lyft Pass programs, Concierge programs or direct billing accounts —the invoice will include the total rides for all Lyft Pass programs, Concierge programs, and/or direct billing accounts for your organization. 

Contact us if you would like to set up monthly invoicing. We will need to the following information:

  • Name and email address of the primary billing contact (note: Our system can only send invoices to a single email address.)
  • Billing address
  • Your preferred payment method (ACH, check, etc.)

Edit offline billing for Lyft Pass, Concierge and direct billing accounts

If you have offline billing set up, you can edit your billing information in the Lyft Business Portal to update where your invoice is sent.  

To edit offline billing info for Lyft Pass:

  1. Login to the Lyft Business Portal
  2. Go to the program you'd like to update 
  3. Go to “Billing info” section of Edit program 
  4. Update the email address of the primary billing contact, billing address and/or PO number
  5. Click Save


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