Business profile rider experience

Learn more about the business profile rider experience in this article. 

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What features can I access in Lyft business profiles? 

  • Separation between work and personal rides for easier expense management
  • Streamlined expensing with automatic receipt forwarding to your expense provider 
  • Easy payment with direct billing to the company’s charge account, if direct billing is enabled
  • Exclusive features such as Green rides. In select cities, you can request an electric or hybrid vehicle the next time you travel for work — lowering the carbon footprint of your trip. There’s nothing to sign up for and no extra work to do. Just take a Green ride from your business profile!

How to view your business profile

  1. Open the Lyft app, then tap the menu icon in the top left
  2. Select 'View profile'
  3. Select 'Business profiles'


  4. Here you can see your business profile settings, including email address, payment method, and receipt forwarding provider


For more details on how to request a ride in your business profile, check out this article.

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