Lyft Assisted rides for Healthcare Partners

If your rider requires physical assistance during pickups and drop-offs, we’ve got you covered.

Healthcare partners can request a Lyft Assisted ride for riders, like seniors and folks who could use a little help getting around. A driver will offer them a hand to help get them from their door to their destination. 

In this article, we'll cover: 

What are Lyft Assisted rides?

When you request an Assisted ride, a driver will meet the rider at the front door of their pick-up location, help them get in and out of the vehicle, and take them safely to the door of their destination. 

They can also help with light personal belongings and compact mobility devices, such as canes and walkers. 

To give Lyft Assisted rides, drivers must complete a tutorial from the Open Doors Organization and opt-in to the program.

What level of service will drivers provide when I order a Lyft Assisted ride?

The driver will offer and provide light physical assistance such as:

  • Lending an arm, elbow, or hand to make sure that the rider is stable on his/her feet
  • Helping the rider in / out of vehicle
  • Helping to carry the rider’s light personal belongings, such as canes and walkers

What kinds of riders can Lyft Assisted rides support?

Lyft Assisted drivers can provide light support to riders who may need an extra hand getting from their door to the car, such as seniors and people with mild mobility issues. Drivers may also help with their light personal belongings and walk them to the door of their destination. Please note that Lyft drivers will not enter the front door, physically carry the rider, act as a caregiver, or provide medical assistance. 

How should I prepare a rider to take a Lyft Assisted ride for the first time?

Dispatchers should communicate that Lyft Assisted drivers will offer light physical assistance to the rider by lending an arm, elbow or hand. 

Please share the driver’s name, and pickup time and location with the rider. If applicable, ask the rider to mention any specific needs to the driver, such as carrying personal belongings or help walking down the stairs.

In addition, please communicate to the rider that at pickup, the Lyft Assisted driver will meet the rider outside the front door of their location and provide light physical assistance to the car. The rider should be ready at the door on time. At dropoff, the Assisted driver will park and help the rider to the front door of their destination. Lyft Assisted drivers will not enter inside the rider’s home or facility.

The rider should also confirm the driver name, verify the intended passenger’s name, check the driver license plate, and/or confirm the vehicle make, model and color before getting into the car.

Remind riders to share feedback in the text link they’ll receive after the ride.

How to request a Lyft Assisted ride


  1. Log into Lyft Concierge.
  2. Select ‘Request’ at the top left.
  3. Provide your rider’s name, phone number, pickup and drop-off locations. 
  4. Select ‘Ride details’ to see the estimated price of the ride.
  5. Select the pickup date and time and ‘Assisted’ mode. Note that you can schedule the ride up to 24 hours ahead of time.
  6. Under ‘Assisted’ in the driver pickup instructions field, please provide notes for the driver that will help the driver locate the rider. Also include any directions for parking in the driver pickup instructions field. 
  7. Select ‘Request ride’ to request the ride.
  8. You can see when the rider has been picked up in your dashboard. Once the ride has been requested, we’ll send the rider text message updates about their ride.
  9. You can track when the rider has been safely dropped off at their destination.

Issue with a Lyft Assisted ride

If you have an issue with an Assisted ride, fill out our support request form.

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