About how your business profile and personal profile are connected

Your personal profile and business profile are both connected to your singular Lyft account, but remain two separate profiles. This makes it seamless to switch between your personal profile and business profile without having to sign in and out of two separate Lyft accounts. Your employer or organization will never have access to rides taken under your personal profile or any payment information related to personal rides. 

In this article, we'll cover: 

When should I take rides under my business profile? 

If you have Auto-Expensing enabled

  • If you have set up auto-expensing within the Lyft mobile app, you must complete rides in your Business Profile for your ride receipts to successfully upload as expenses to your expense management software
  • Personal rides are not uploaded as expenses for privacy protection

If your employer has enabled direct billing for you

  • If your employer has set up direct billing, which allows team members to charge the company account directly as a payment method, you will need to complete your ride in your Business Profile to have access to this payment method
  • If you began a ride in your Personal Profile, you can switch to your Business Profile on the rating screen before tapping 'Done' to complete the ride. This will allow you to choose your company's Direct Billing payment method because the payment hasn't processed yet

When should I take rides under my personal profile?

If your organization has shared Lyft Pass with you

  • Lyft Pass will only be applied to rides taken under your personal profile. 
  • You can determine if your Lyft Pass is being applied to your ride if the price has a strikethrough and you see a discounted rate or the word 'FREE' 

If you have a Lyft Code to use

  • If you're attending an event and received a Lyft Code to use on your ride there and back, you'll need to complete the ride under your personal profile. You don't need to create a Business Profile to use a Lyft Code. If you already have a business profile, simply make sure you switch to your Personal Profile to take a ride and have your Lyft Code apply!

All of your other personal rides

  • It is important to make sure you switch to your personal profile for any rides that are not for business. If you are part of your organization's Lyft Business account, any ride taken under your business profile will become visible to your organization for their records and reporting purposes
  • Any rides taken under your personal profile will not be visible to anyone but you


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